About Us

Our chocolates challenge the ordinary.

Our chocolates defy the usual, make you sit up and think.

All because chocolate making is a never ending journey for us. Our master chocolatiers mix, match and experiment with rich ingredients that are carefully sourced from around the world. They infuse their passion and expertise in crafting the finest chocolates that immerse you in an extraordinary world of rich, creamy textures and a divine feeling.

At éntisi we understand that chocolate has the potential to become something very special. It has the power to bring immense joy to people. With these beliefs we are continuously inspired to create something new. We look out for the most distinctive and finest ingredients that havenét been witnessed in the country before. Our fusion of indigenous spices, flowers, roots and herbs with premium chocolate creates a sensory experience that will make one aware of and appreciate the worldés diverse cultures.

Our chocolatiers constantly work hard in crafting brand new recipes in our workshop. At the heart of Entisi is attention to detail and this essence can be felt in everything we do.

We dedicate time to create each product and seamlessly combine excellence with refined taste. We are never the same. We are home to creativity. Our products change with the seasons, offering something distinctive every time. We promise that our chocolates are heartmade and we offer a wide selection of chocolates to choose from.

Contact Info

  • Boutique Address: Krishna Villa Junction of Linking Road and Saraswati Road Santacruz West Mumbai 400054
  • Phone: +91 8080 554 554
  • Email: info@entisi.com