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Floral Hamper Basket

Rs. 6,000.00

This wooden floral gift basket includes our finest collection of our gourmet chocolates. 

1 Box of 12 Bonbons
1 Box of 16 Pralines
1 Hot Chocolate Tin
1 Single Origin Chocolate Bar
1 Chocolate Bar
1 Box of 6 Chocolate Coated Hazelnut Cookies
1 box of 2 Assorted Dragees Gift Box

Dietary Preference

Additional Information

For Nutritional Information/ Composition/ Ingredients please refer to the details mentioned on the chosen product's page. 

Shelf life
1 - 12 months based on the products 

Storage condition
Ambient room temperature (18 - 23C) or Refrigerate

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
300 x 300 x 150  mm